Demi Lovato Talks 'Ok Not To Be Ok', Engagement & Using Platform For Change

Demi Lovato jumped on a virtual call with EJ to chat all about using her platform for change, her engagement and her new song "Ok Not To Be Ok".

Demi's been engaged to her fiance Max Ehrich for two months now and they're been living together in quarantine the entire time. When asked what they've learned about each other, Demi mentions her and Max are really into yoga.

While she put some of her music on hold, Demi recently released the song "Ok Not To Be Ok" with Marshmello during a time that the message was really important to put out.

We are living through unprecedented times and none of us have been through civil unrest and a global pandemic at the same time. There is chaos, uncertainty and a lot of people are dealing with heightened anxiety or depression or those things for the first time in their lives and don't know how to get through it. I've had the opportunity to work with Marshmello before and the project didn't align but it's all about timing. I believe that this project came together last year and when I put my music on hold, I thought this is way more important than what I want to tell about my story.

Check out the full interview with Demi Lovato below!