Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (4/5/24-4/7/24)

It was a pretty chill weekend compared to the last month. I kicked it off doing what I did (debatably) best. In the studio running my mouth and pre-recording 5,000 shows. While I was here, I declared that these two fellas are my roommates since I basically live here.

There's like four different cars in my apartment building that also have New Jersey license plates so I always joke that I'm the NJ to MN pipeline. I was leaving Walmart and I saw a car parked with Pennsylvania plates which is pretty much Jersey. LOL.

I treated myself to a new place in Uptown that I've never been to called, Bebe Zito. They're locally known for their ice cream but during the day they also sell burgers. This root beer float was pretty bomb!

I got out of my comfort zone and went downstairs to my apartment building's gym. It's been a minute since I've done this but it's something I needed to build the confidence to do for a while.

A little later than I had liked but I ended my night with my guy and our Promotions Director, Ted. We call eachother Sassy Black and Perky White (inside joke) and we went to our usual hang out spot, Buffalo Wild Wings on the U of M campus.

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