Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (4/19/24-4/21/24)

It was a pretty chill weekend but the weather was fairly decent so I went out to run a couple of errands. While I was in the streets, I tried the new Spicy Refresher from Starbucks. Honest review was a 3.5/5 - the drink was good but the spice was unnecessary.

In my Adulting 101 journey, I went and bought this picture frame to hang in my apartment and filled it with some photos of family and friends. I know this seems odd but it helps my place feel a bit more like home.

The sunset last night was absolutely gorgeous - despite how windy it might've been. I went on a walk yesterday near the Sculpture Garden and captured this beautiful sky.

While in the Sculpture Garden, I had to capture a photo with Dave's all time favorite Minnesotan staple - the cherry and spoon!

I closed out the weekend but making some garlic and herb baked chicken wings. I've been trying to make dinner every Sunday night to meal prep for the week and attempt to save money on fast food. I made this with box mac and cheese and corn on the cob. I can share the chicken recipe if you'd like - it was delicious!!!

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